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Entrepreneur / Author / Yogini

Movement Speaker, Collaborator, Event Creator, Yogini and International Author of, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom & Your Inner Evolution. Co-creator and leader of four successful Yoga Retreats. Helen has taught life skills, networking, and conscious behavior classes in shelters since 2008. She has a background as a Vision Therapist and working with kids with autism. She has worked with the Phoenix- Prison Yoga Project (PYP) working with incarcerated adults and teens. Entrepreneur of Sexy Freedom Media and host to the Sexy Freedom Media Podcast. It is her true desire to provide affordable and life shifting workshops, events, and retreats for both women and men to free themselves from other people’s opinions, self-judgments, self-neglect and provide them with basic tools to utilize for conscious evolution, courage, and self-love. Helen is truly an authentic being, a wild woman, an example of a raw voice, and a mother of an incredible young airman. She is a Universe, Nature, & Brain /Body forever student, currently a nomad based in Phoenix, AZ with her laptop, Spike and Scion, Chico.

PERSONAL MESSAGE: “In 2017, I lost my only brother, the baby of five to suicide. It devastated my whole family and broke everyone’s heart, especially my mothers. It happened the day after I launched this website to the world. My book, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom, was in the final editing process. I’m no stranger to grief as I had already lost my dad a few years before and my son in a divorce. I know how painful life can be and how it can seem easier to give up on our dreams and life all together. I’ve created services, communities, events, workshops, speaking engagements, a podcast, and retreats for the purpose to shine my light not only for myself but for anyone who finds themselves needing the same support and encouragement. It is my hope that you find what makes you happy and live the most courageous and purposeful journey called Life.” Helen 




SFM Boss Babe / Podcast Co-host & Events Emcee

Denita Burden reigns from Dayton, OH and currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. She has completed her Associate of Science in Computer Aid Drafting and her Bachelor of Science in Applied Management. Currently, she’s been serving as an University Counselor for 8 years. Through her professional journey, she has worked as a Civil Designer for over 4 years, a Brand Ambassador and marketing/business administrator for over 10 years. She has an incredible 6 year old son who fills her time and her entire heart. While he’s into sports, race cars, and helping momma, she’s still in college working on completing her MBA in Project Management. Seems fitting since she’s actively managing multiple business ventures, her personal schedule and her son’s schedule. Learning how to be a mommy in this full-time world has been anything buy easy! She’s grateful for the strength he has helped her endure, experience, and carry in this presence of life. When she’s not working her hobbies consist of learning self-defense techniques, singing in choir, and dancing wildly like the tribal queen warrior she is! Sexy Freedom is her confidence driver! She’s very excited to be a part of the Sexy Freedom Media team!

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