Helen Edwards…. is the author of the upcoming book, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom. She is a traveling yogini with a passion to teach three different styles of Yoga: Restorative, Vinyasa, and Buti Yoga. Helen has taught life skills, networking, and conscious behavior classes in shelters since 2008. She has a background as a Vision Therapist and working with kids with autism. She is currently apart of the Phoenix- Prison Yoga Project (PYP) working with adults and teens. Helen has held and facilitated women’s and teen workshops and events all around Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s her true desire to provide affordable and life shifting workshops, events, and retreats for women and teens to free themselves from other people’s opinions, self judgments, self-neglect and provide them with basic tools to utilize for conscious evolution, courage, and self-love.

Helen is truly an authentic being, a wild woman, an example of raw voice, and a mother of an incredible teen. You will find that there are assorted interests on this site because it reflects all the journeys of her path: Sex, Money, Yoga, Work, Travel, Play, Meditation, Health, Fitness, Dancing, Wine, Sports, Competition, Fashion, Books, Airports, Comedy, Nature, and a whole bunch more…..Enjoy the many diverse blogs, events, podcasts, and gallery!

Cheers to Freedom!