Endeavor Assistance $65 Hour

This service is unlike any other. It is not coaching or mentoring. This is a live video chat to pick my brain, ask questions, create and execute YOUR endeavor together, and share your concerns. The following is what I’m capable of assisting you with:

Q: What sets this service apart?

A: This is not a virtual assistant or graphic designer who does it for you. This is almost like a “rent-a-business partner” I can work from my phone or laptop alongside with you via video. I want to assist you in getting as much done in the time invested. Together we can make BIG moves in your business. Let me help you succeed. 


Not Your Therapist Support $ 55 Hour

This service is not to get confused with therapy or professional help. This is a simple service for those who need someone to listen, talk to, and seeking support. With coaching and therapy costing a fortune these days or so many who don’t have insurance to cover professional help, this affordable service is CONFIDENTIAL. It is available for those who need neutral and raw encouragement. The following are my areas of personal experience:

**This is not to take place of those who need professional help. If we determine you need professional help, I can advise and suggest doctors, therapists, coaches, and mentor services.**


Guest Yoga Instructor at your studio – 70/30 Contract (Contact for negotiating pricing)

**If you are a teacher or creative soul who would like to collaborate, please email me. Thank you. 


Retreat Leader.

Please contact me for rates and collaborations:


Movement Speaker.

Creating & executing my own speaking events since 2008. Please contact me if you would like me to come speak at your event. The following are my areas of expertise:

**Please contact me with more information.**


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