January 23, 2018

7 Ways to Unst*ck, Unf*ck, and Unchain Yourself This Year

Let’s play a little game. Have you heard of ,”Would You Rather?” Wink! Well, riddle me this…would you rather be a bad ass with a job, a car, and a roof over your head? Orrrr, would you rather be a bad ass with all that aaand a pep in your step, a lot of money in your bank account, a heart that feels hella good when you give to others, and the luxury to make moves when you decide you want to? Repeat after me, “Discipline, Drive, and Determination-I have what it takes!”

When we are feeling stuck, fucked, and chained up, our minds seem to drift into dark places as if we have lost control of the wheel of our own drive. Loss of job, relationship and money problems, writer’s block, comparing to others, social media overload, addictions, body pain, family drama, kids gone cray, bills and more bills, emotional stress, ect. ect. The list goes on. It’s like we immediately allow our self-doubting self to take the thrown in our minds. Our body language, demeanor, and vocal cords change as if we are a totally different person appearing on ‘I’m Defeated Radio’. What the fuck is up with that?! Let’s change it. Let’s make some moves!

Below are 7 suggestions you can do NOW to Unstuck, Unfuck, and Unchain Yourself This Year for Good:

  1. Change the words in your head IMMEDIATELY: Your brain is a living organ feasting on everything you put into it including the words you say to yourself. There is a ton of proven science, research, blogs, and videos on the subject, confirming the effects of both positive affirming words vs. negative words in the mind. Normally, I would love to go further into the subject, however; to keep this simple and to the point: Stop bashing yourself already! Think of when you were a kid and that moment you first heard someone put you down. It probably hurt and upset you. If you went back in time and saw someone put you down, would you just stand there? Hell no! I would hope not. You would come to your little self’s rescue and put your foot down. This is how you must handle it now. Don’t allow anyone, not even your inside bully to sit on the glory chair in your mind. Rise up to that bully and say, “No more!”
  2. Move that Ass: Sorry not sorry! I come from a family of tough love. You want to get unstuck, then you need to literally get your body moving. Did you know there are trillions of cells in each human body. TRILLIONS! Cells are like tiny little workers in the body, taking in all the nutrients from food forming- tissues which form our human organs. Say whaaat! These cells in our bodies are like little tiny aliens celebrating the gift of life because each of them don’t have a very long life span. Their time is literally NOW. Get your body up and moving with some music, a run, a workout, or some twerking. I’m just sayin’. Get that ass up and make some moves!
  3. Digest some superfoods: Okay okay, some of you dig it and some of you are like, Ugh. I get it. I don’t like the taste of fruits. I know…weird, right? Here’s the cold heart truth about food. Your body needs it to survive. The question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to be a legendary warrior who breaks yourself free from the chains of “feeling stuck” or are you going to be the weakest link about to be captured over and over again? It took a while for me to get sick and tired of being sick and tired. That was my normal for a while until I realized I’m done feeling helpless and weak. You must choose to be strong and with that choice comes the discipline to say “Yes” to healthier food choices. Therefore, put that whole food protein and sexy vegetable (whatever they may be) into your body and shout out loud, “Hell yeah! I’m a beast warrior!”
  4. DO what you say you are going to do: Have you ever gotten so excited about something with someone and they flake on you? Not once, or twice, but three times? (But for some reason they manage to show up at their job everyday?) There comes a point when you get so fuckin’ tired of flakes that to allow yourself to become one is inconceivable. If you want to unstuck and unfuck yourself, you’ve got to stop shitting on your own dreams and goals with excuse after excuse. Your words have to come to a place in your own life where you- yourself- will not settle for a lame excuse. This doesn’t mean valid excuses like: traffic, sickness, kids, and emergencies should be overlooked. No! I’m talking about the fear based excuses that keep us from pushing through to the next step towards our goals. Be the kind of person that when you say you are going to “make some moves” you do whatever it takes to make it happen- even if it means shifting the dates and times around to achieve project success. Get ‘er done and stop flaking on yourself!
  5. Pour out a little liquor: Yes, I did say make healthy choices on #3. Yes, that might make me a hypocrite, if you are a stickler. Thank God you are not. No! You are a badass who understands that life is a mysterious journey with unexpected seasons. This is why when you are finding yourself stuck, it’s important to step away from the negativity for a minute and reflect on all that is good in your life thus far. When I’m in a slump and I see no way out, I reflect on children who I’ve seen begging on the streets in foreign countries, children who are born with autism or some kind of disability, and those who have lost their lives too soon. When we can see how fortunate we are in a crazy world around us and find the humbleness by giving thanks, life pours in blessings and strength to push us out of our “poor me” mentality unto a higher state of consciousness. Having a gratitude attitude gives you the jump start to rev your motivational engine back up and get back into the reminder of why you started in the first place.
  6. Embrace the student within: In high school I used to ditch class all the time. When I became an adult the University of Life wasn’t having it. There is no escaping life lessons no matter how great or disastrous those experiences are. If you sit and wait for a teacher to hand you your assignment, there may be a chance you are dissatisfied with it. Therefore, take some initiative and attend workshops, educational programs, retreats, and read books! Take a walk, hike, or run in nature too. Nature is free and always available to provide the soul some new kind of wisdom. Stay curious. Stay humble. Stay hungry for success.
  7. Have a “Fuck It” day/night: In my book, Nothing Sexier than Freedom, I dedicate a whole chapter to the importance of letting go of all the expectations and burdens that we tend to carry on our shoulders from day to day. When I find myself over stressed, my friends are super heroes who come to my rescue. They are successful, smart, and powerful positive women with a side of “Fuck it” sauce. Everyone needs friends who build you up, understand when you are weak, and who know how to put their foot down when your sinking in wet stress cement. Surround yourself with positive warrior type people who accept you at your best and also support you at your weakest. The value is unparalleled.

I hope you have enjoyed these 7 suggestions and take action to get unstuck now. Life is too short to stay in the slumps. You got this. Act Now!

Helen Edwards is a traveling yogini instructor, writer, podcaster, speaker, adventurer, and mother. She is a science, philosophy, and fitness forever student. She currently resides between OR and AZ.

Pre-orders now available for her upcoming book, Nothing Sexier than Freedom, launching April 2018. For more information on events, retreats, and workshops visit: www.SexyFreedom.com

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