March 12, 2019

How to Rise Again

Remember that excitement you had in 2018 during the holidays when talking about ‘how in 2019, things are going to be different’? Remember that feeling of determination? Remember how you visualized pushing the “start over button” and creating a whole new life for the new year? You were super pumped, “New Year, New You!”

Now it’s the middle of March and you have found yourself kinda ‘meh. What happened to those glorious plans? What happened to that powerful rush of endorphins? Where did the motivation and inspiration for all of these amazing ideas and desires run off to?

You start to look around on social media for the fuel you once had. Every post looks exactly the same day to day. Positive quotes and beautiful strong humans flood the feed. You can hear your self-judgment creeping in. You begin to compare yourself, thinking you’ve “lost it” and they’ve “got it.” You sigh. You begin to think, ‘What’s the fucking point anyways?’

Oh Boo Boo, I’ve been there. In fact, I’m there right now. Four weeks ago, I was on top of my game. Money was flowing in like waterfalls, my workouts were consistent, relationships with my friends and family were envied by others, and I felt deeply connected to the Great Spirit. Life seemed flawless and my goals were being met right on schedule.

Well, we all know, seasons change and storms pass through.

Once again, I’m faced with trials and tribulations. As captain of my ship, everything currently seems to need repair. The rebel inside of me wants to avoid pain and bail as fast as possible. Staying in bed till 2:00 pm where it’s safe and warm sounded like the best idea to “get rest”. Then it hit me! I’m not getting rest. I’m getting lazy, lethargic, and depressed. I have nurtured my warrior over time and I can tell when something is wrong. I’m not meant to stay down for too long. It’s time to stop sulking and get back up. It’s time to RISE AGAIN!

Below are 5 things I did today to snap me out of my “days of being down”:

  1. Took a shower: Laugh if you want but showers were not on my list of priorities when I stayed home days in a row walking around my my pj’s. I had to clean the nasty negative energy off my body to feel vibrant and clean for the day, so I took a fucking shower! Hell yeah!
  2. Turned up the music: For someone who plays music non-stop, when depression started to take over, one of my first signs I was being over run by negative emotion was that my favorite music played “noise” instead of joy. Therefore, I had to play something new, something loud, and something that forced my body into movement.
  3. Made a healthy smoothie: During the past few days I began to eat my emotions. Even when I wasn’t hungry, I ate. I couldn’t stop! My stomach started to bloat like a goat and my energy plummeted because of it. Like it’s famously stated, “You are what you eat.” Well I ate tons of gluten free everything! Even though it was gluten free didn’t mean shit. I wasn’t feeding myself nutrients that I needed to keep my energy and emotions stable. I had to take an emotional eating break and make a simple fruit smoothie to give my gut a break; a chance to reset itself.
  4. Went outside of my “comfort area”: Basically it means, put on clothes and leave the space you’re in at once. Don’t think, just do. I knew, I had to leave my beautiful home for the day. I needed fresh air and had to push myself out the door. I drove to the nearest coffee shop to receive the inspiration I had always found plenty of time before. I gotta tell you, when depression tries to set in, being around people is almost scary because you are in your head thinking unworthy negative thoughts. You’ve got to push past it. Feel the fear and be around people anyways. It’s the human connection.
  5. Take it Day by Day: When pulling yourself out of the “downs” and taking steps to Rise Again, you’ve got to take it day by day. Don’t think too far ahead or let your mind race to ‘all the things you’ve got to get done’ now that you have energy beginning to return to you. The mistake many of us make is that, once we get a little energy, we start to give it away to the “To do” list and all the other lists we have mentally built for ourselves. This depletes us all over again. Shake my head. Nope! This time, I’m harnessing my energy to build on it day after day. Like a super energy tank. Wink!

“You’ve got to make a decision to Rise Again.”

Friend, I understand that it gets exhausting having to rebuild, reboot, and rise once more time and time again. I get that some of us don’t bounce back as easily as others and recognize that it can get pretty annoying when some of us secretly want help but fear if we ask for it, we will be judged in a way we don’t want. Many of us can relate to the feeling of, ‘what’s the point’ when the storms pass through and we are highly affected. You are not alone in the big picture of it all.

You’ve got to make a decision to Rise Again. Then you’ve got to get your body to do what you want by demanding the physical movement that is required to get you out of the storm’s chaotic aftermath into a place of empowerment once more. Believe in yourself. Again. Rise up. Again.

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Helen Edwards is the International Author, Movement Speaker, Retreat Leader, and Events Creator.

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5 responses to “How to Rise Again”

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