February 6, 2020

Time to Let Go of Unhappiness


It’s Time To Pull That Nasty Band-aid Off!

It’s 2020 and we are already half ass into February. All the stamina to run your passion projects right into the sky are starting to dwindle? WHY? Because the whirlwind of obstacles and unforeseen dilemmas are coming in with a b-b-bang! Ugh!

“…But have no fear – your inner warrior is here!”

I’m going to get right to it, fear sucks! I’m talking about that fear that makes your stomach ache, palms sweaty, and throws your anxiety threw the roof. Surprisingly this type of fear only happens when I’m on the verge of a major breakthrough. I can public speak, dance in front of total strangers, strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone – but tell me to make a decision about leaving everything and everyone I love because it’s the path that must be taken – I freak the f*** out!

“Choosing happiness is within reach, but to have it requires fully letting go of the unhappiness  – no matter how comfortable and safe it has lead you to believe you are.” 

Change is not easy. I mean, Pshh, we all know that!  I think we often forget how challenging BIG change can be.  It’s easy to tell everyone else how to “just go for it” until we find ourselves at that same ledge. The unknown is scary!  I can relate to this over and over again. I’ve had to “abandon ship” multiple times throughout my life. I’ve dealt with grief, anger, sorrow, pain, heartache, ect; yet it never gets easier to let go of what is familiar and move on towards the unknown.

This year I’ve already completed one of the most epic goals ever!! I created and executed a successful speaking engagement in Las Vegas, NV. That is HUGE!!  Even with all of the unforeseen obstacles that fell in our lap, Nita B and I pressed onward. It was exhilarating!

Everything seemed wonderful after the event. Got home, spent time with my sister who was in town for a few days and got some much needed rest.  Once the dust settled and I was done resting, there it was again – the question that comes swooping in like a magical wizard….

….What Next?

Have you ever felt like something has always been stewing in the back of your mind for YEARS?!  Even though you’ve always known it was there, you neglected to give it attention because you knew that once      you gave IT the attention it really needs, it was going to force you into a powerful decision whether you are ready for it or not.  That’s where I’m at right in this very moment. *Sigh*  The craziest part is knowing that this change needs to happen for true happiness, a stronger mentality, and increased prosperity.

So instead of announcing it to the world on social media and telling everyone and their mother, (besides my own mother) I JUST DID IT!  I let go of what was comfortable and safe and dived into a whole new world. I ripped the band- aid right off and took the pain like a champ!  I knew it was going to hurt to venture into this unknown place in life. I also knew I would want to change my mind and try to go backwards – so I set up classes, meetings, and anything I could to keep me moving forward.  I made sure the only safety net I fell back on was my own strength and trust in my decision.

“Even with all the fear I felt, all the tears I shed; I trusted my inner warrior and healer to see me through this. This is the time to trust myself more than ever because the best is yet to come. I can feel it!”


Sometimes to do the hard things, we’ve got to do them alone and that’s okay. It just means you are growing and it’s NOW YOUR TIME.





Helen Edwards is a Movement Speaker, Consultant, and International Author of the book, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom and Your Inner Evolution. CEO of Sexy Freedom Media LLC and Host of Sexy Freedom Media Podcast. 

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